Making your dreams come true



AZ Homes by Christine

Whether you are purchasing your first home, downsizing or upgrading, YOUR home is important to you, as it is to me.  I value you the trust that you are giving me in helping you find the home that matches your needs and lifestyle.  In exchange, I will LISTEN to your requirements.  I will WORK tirelessly to find the home that makes your heart soar and I will NEGOTIATE and OVERSEE the offers made, the inspection, the loan process and the contract.

  • Step 1:  Compile information on home requirements: desired area, home and lot square footage, bedroom and bathroom requirements, community pool/amenities, equestrian needs, recreational vehicles that may need to be stored on site, proximity to work/school
  • Step 2:  Consultation based on the market, type of home, and desired area
  • Step 3:  Create a search meeting your Dream Criteria
  • Step 4:  Preview and tour homes that fit your lifestyle
  • Step 5:  Run a comprehensive analysis of the value of the home in relation to comparable properties
  • Step 6:  Collect data and lender information to make a competitive offer in your best interest
  • Step 7:  My support team oversees the process of contract approval, inspection, appraisal and lender funding
  • Step 8:  Final walk-through and distribution of the keys to your home
  • Step 9:  Realize your dreams in your beautiful home!